Your Round, Our Industry

The Drinks Trust Emergency Fund to support those in the drinks industry.

From the 6th April, The Drinks Trust will be launching a financial support scheme of a £250 grant towards essentials to drinks industry individuals who have lost their employment and income. This initiative is targeted at the following two groups:

  1. Those who have been made redundant and subsequently not been reinstated, meaning they are unable to benefit from the salary grant scheme set out by the Chancellor
  2. Those on zero hours contracts who will receive only small levels of financial benefit from the salary support measures outlined by the Chancellor

Qualifying individuals will be able to access a one-off financial grant of £250, payable directly into their bank account. The Drinks Trust will apply its expertise in assessing hardship and will prioritise individuals who have health conditions, and also those caring for dependents.

They anticipate a high level of demand, therefore, the window for applications under this scheme is limited between Monday 6th April and Friday 10th April 2020.

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With the support of leading industry businesses, The Drinks Trust has fundraised over £400,000 to date, to support the people of the drinks industry who have been left in financial crisis as a result of COVID-19.

The Drinks Trust pays in excess of £30,000 a month in ongoing grants funded by donations from businesses across the industry, however many historical business partners are now struggling themselves and, understandably, cannot contribute the same level as they have in previous years. This makes the need of support from business partners who can help even more crucial than before.

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