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HACKNEY COURAGE was created by Jay & Alex, two drinks pros in the capital’s cocktail mecca, East London. The dream was to create a product that would change the experience of cocktail consumption at home. The idea was born when the founders met in a bar in Hackney and quickly came to the same conclusion: enjoying cocktail bar quality drinks at home just isn’t something that’s available to everyone, and it should be!   After a conversation about cocktails Jay & Alex set out with their plan. They wanted to create a series of familiar favourites for people to be able to enjoy at home without the mess and fuss. The highly-sought after Negroni, the old but gold Old Fashioned, a naughty Martini and a quaffable Gimlet. In true cocktail bar fashion, each of these drinks were given an HC spin! After months of research, sourcing and plenty of tasting and testing, the guys had found their formula and they had what they believe is the solution to having premium cocktail bar quality drinks at home.