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Kocktail – 25% off

Kocktail was co-founded by two best friends in the Summer of 2020. Born out of a desire to enjoy a taste of thier favourite cocktails from the comfort of home and unable to find anything that tasted as good as the drinks created by award-winning bartenders, they decided to take matters into their own hands.

The Bottled Cocktails also don’t require any extra ingredients, so you don’t need to stock your cupboards full of cocktail ingredients you will only use a handful of times.

Kocktail believe you deserve to enjoy beautifully fresh, premium, bar-quality cocktails at home with minimum fuss, so they teamed up with their great friend and international award-winning barman. Previously the senior bartender at the famous Savoy Hotel’s Beaufort Bar and bar manager at Kenny Atkinson’s Michelin starred House of Tides restaurant, so it’s fair to say he knows a few things about making a great drink.

Kocktail initially started as a Discovery Subscription Club which was a huge success. Off the back of our successful Subscription Club, Kocktail has now expanded and solely focuses on one-off Kocktail collections, available all year round, 500ml Bottled Cocktails, perfect for sharing with friends and family.

Bottled cocktails include Negroni, Old Fashioned, Amearetto Sour, Espresso Martini and many many more!

TRADE Members get a huge 25% off their 500ml bottled cocktail range. Sign up for TRADE Hospitality VIP or Industry membership to get access to the members-only app which hosts the promo-codes and digital members card.